Project outcomes | Youth communities’ voices

Young people telling their stories

In 7 short films young people with different backgrounds tell their stories about their challenges and exper​iences during the pandemic.
The films are in Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish.

Wake up to life

The story of Belén Azori, Tenerife, Spain

We can live as who we are

The story of Faye Cheng, The Netherlands

My passion for Dante changed who I am

The story of Valentina Iosco, Italy

Leiden on skate

The story of Tirza Smits and Inge Groen, The Netherlands

A shot of energy

The story of Lucía Frías, Tenerife, Spain

Love in time of pandemic

The story of Mandy Cheng, The Netherlands

My own connection to Rotterdam

The story of Lee Chou, The Netherlands